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SYSTEM - analysis - diagnosis - repair

  • Adware/Spyware/Malware Removal (includes Trojans, Worms etc.)
    We use the world's top 3 scanning programs to ensure your PC is thoroughly bug free
  • BIOS Flashing
    The BIOS is the miniature OS integrated into your motherboard. It is important to have the latest version for optimum hardware/software compatibility
  • Data Recovery
    For accidental deletions, providing your hard drive is still functional and you haven't overwritten too much of your disk space, we can recover most if not all of your precious files. If it is just a case of an OS permanent crash, we can virtually guarantee a complete recovery of all files
  • Defragmentation
    This is the best way to quickly increase hard drive efficiency. We use the best defragmenters available which utilise 5 different techniques
  • Driver Updates
    The latest hardware drivers will ensure you have the most efficient system. Many problems, especially with new and upgraded PC's, can be rectified with updated drivers
  • File Clean Up (Unwanted/Redundant Files)
    Everyday PC use will generate many files which are no longer required once used. Items such as temporary files (.TMP etc.), back-up files (.OLD, .PRV, .BAK etc.), log files (.LOG) and many other unnecessry files can be safely deleted to create an uncluttered hard drive. Of course some of these types of files must be retained for proper system function which is why we only use the most trusted scanning software to perform this operation
  • Firmware Upgrade
    Instead of using OS drivers, some hardware (notably optical drives such as dvd burners etc,) have their own built in software to interact with the OS. This firmware, as it is known, can be upgraded by "flashing" with the latest version
  • Full System Specifications/Diagnosis Report
    We can fully stress test your PC and produce a report detailing how each part of the system responded. We couple this with a complete specification list of your PC's BIOS, hardware and software
  • Hard Drive Cloning
    Why re-install Windows if you don't need to? We can tidy up your hard drive and then clone it so you can have it in the exact same form on another drive. Great for upgrading to larger hard drives or for setting up RAID with two identical drives
  • Hard Drive Partitioning/Formatting
    We can format and partition your hard drive ready to take a new OS install or we can partition your existing installed and working hard drive
  • Hard Drive Scan And Repair
    It is always good to know if your hard drive is OK and the only way to know if their are bad sectors is to scan it with a reputable scan and repair program
  • Memory Testing
    RAM may appear to be working OK but when properly stress tested it could show problems. This type of testing is also good for checking secondhand RAM you may wish to purchase (or sell)
  • Operating System (Windows) Install, Re-install, Configuration, Repair
    Making sure the OS is installed correctly on a properly formatted and partitioned drive. This will ensure a smooth and efficient OS for a good length of time. We also do OS repairs and configurations to make sure an existing system is running optimally
  • Registry Clean Up (Unwanted/Redundant Entries)
    The WIndows registry is where the keys to the whole system reside. If this is not set up correctly then problems can arise with WIndows itself or with the software it interacts with. We can safely locate and remove redundant or incorrect registry entries and ensure the system is sound. We only use trusted and reliable software to perform this critical operation
  • Virus Removal
    Although 95% of all software attacks on the average PC are adware/spyware/malware, sometimes a real virus can enter the system. Most PC users employ a reputable anti-virus of some sort but many then believe they are "bullet proof", which is certainly not the case. If the worst does occur we have the state-of-the-art anti-virus detection/removal software so, provided the virus hasn't been allowed to stay too long, we can safely remove it without having to re-install Windows


HARDWARE - testing - diagnosis - replacement

  • Broadband Router/Modem
  • Cables
  • CD/DVD/BluRay ROM/Burner
  • Cooling System (AIr or Water)
  • CPU
  • Floppy Drive
  • Graphics card
  • Hard drive
  • Modem
  • Motherboard
  • NIC (Network Interface Card)
  • Peripherals (Printer, Scanner, Keyboard, Mouse, etc.)
  • Ports (Serial, Parallel, USB, Firewire, VGA, DFP, PS2 etc.)
  • PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • Sound Card
  • Switches


SOFTWARE - testing - diagnosis - repair - reinstallation - tutoring

  • Accounting Programs (e.g. MYOB, Quicken etc.)
  • Animation Programs (e.g. Adobe Flash)
  • Anti Virus (e.g. Avira, Kaspersky, E Set, Norton, Trend Micro, McAfee etc.)
  • Anti Spyware/Adware/Malware (e.g. Emsisoft AntiMalware, Spyware Doctor etc.)
  • Audio Editing Programs (e.g. MagixMusic Maker, Dexster Audio Editor etc.)
  • Browsers (e.g. IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.)
  • Burning/Ripping Programs (e.g. Nero, NTI, Roxio etc.)
  • Cloning Programs (e.g. Symantec Ghost, Acronis True Image etc.)
  • Copying Programs (e.g. DVD Cloner, DVDFab, One Click DVD Copy etc.)
  • Data Recovery Programs (e.g. OnTrack Easy Recovery, Active Undelete, R-Studio Get Data Back etc.)
  • Database Programs (e.g. MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle etc.)
  • File Compression/Unpacking Programs (e.g. WinRAR, IsoBuster etc.)
  • File Split/Merge programs (e.g HJ-Split etc.)
  • Firewall Programs ( e.g. Comodo, Agnitum Outpost Pro, Kaspersky etc.)
  • FTP Programs (e.g. WS_FTP, Ace FTP, Smart FTP etc.)
  • Graphics Programs (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Corel Draw, The Gimp etc.)
  • HTML Editing Programs (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage etc.)
  • Media Players (e.g. MS Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Nero Vision Express etc.)
  • Operating Systems (MS Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, 7, Server 2008, Linux etc.)
  • Office Suites (MS Office, Open Office, Star Office etc.)
  • PDF Programs (e.g. Adobe Acrobat etc.)
  • Speech Recognition Programs (e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking etc.)
  • System Stress Testing Programs (e.g. Sysoft Sandra, Passmark Burn-In etc.)
  • System Utilities (e.g. Registry Mechanic, AShampoo WinOptimizer, System Mechanic, Advanced System Optimizer, O&O Defrag etc.)
  • Text Recognition Programs (e.g. Nuance Pro etc.)
  • 3D Graphics Programs (e.g. Xara, Swift 3-D, 3-D Studio Max etc.)
  • Video Editing Programs (e.g. Cyberlink Power Director, Adobe Premiere etc.)
  • Virtual OS Programs (e.g. VMWare etc.)
  • VOIP Programs (e.g. Skype, Yahoo Messenger etc.)
  • Web Development Programs (e.g. MS Visual Studio, PHP Designer, Komodo etc.)
  • Web Vulnerability Programs (e.g. Acunetix etc.)

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