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all desktop and laptop computers (including Apple Macintosh); and most computer peripherals


all desktop and laptop computers (including Apple Macintosh)


custom desktop computers to ANY budget, from entry level basic PC's through to cutting edge gaming computers or workstations



stremefix can diagnose and repair all hardware problems on your computer

stremefix can remove any nasty bug (virus or malware) from your system and get you back to running a safe, stable system
we can tidy up your OS and file systems so your PC runs faster and data is more readily available

stremefix can retrieve your precious data and restore the operating system on any computer, even if the system will not boot and you no longer have any system installation disks.
we can retrieve data that has been deleted from your hard drive, even after you have re-formatted *
we can create, delete or expand partitions on your hard drive(s), without even having to re-format the drive

stremefix can set-up or repair your broadband internet connection and test your connection integrity and speed
we can set-up or repair your home or office network


stremefix offer tuition with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, Office and most other software you may have installed on your PC

stremefix can help you with Linux operating systems (Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora etc.)

stremefix repair and upgrade Apple Macintosh computers and we also offer tuition with Mac OS X, OS X, and macOS 10, 11, and 12


stremefix use components made by the following quality manufacturers







* providing data has not been overwritten

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